Modules List

Module Module Name Short Description
Base Modules
All default fixes and free modules are included.
name: addon.discord_integration
config: discord_integration.json
Discord Integration Display the playing status on Discord using Rich Presence.
name: addon.item_sell_limit
config: item_sell_limit.json
extra: item_sell_limit_records.csv
Item Sell Limit Restrict purchase of items to race leaders, council members, premium users, those who must have item X in their inventory, etc.
name: addon.loot_exchange
config: loot_exchange.json
Loot Exchange When picking up item, automatically convert it into points, such as money, gold, cpt, pvp points, processing points, hunting points, or gold points.
name: addon.loot_race
config: loot_race.json
Loot Race Implement a timer delay before players are allowed to pick up items from monsters. This functionality is similar to EventSet.
name: addon.pvp_potion
config: pvp_potion.json
extra: infiniti_potion.json
extra: player_statistics.json
extra: rebirth.json
PotionEx Potion module, ex : cash capsule, premium capsule, call race, call guild, spawn monster, etc.
name: addon.infiniti_potion
config: infiniti_potion.json
extra: pvp_potion.json
Unlimited Potion
Unlimited use of Potion / OD (usage wont decrease quantity)
*require module : PotionEx
name: addon.pvp_party_share
config: pvp_party_share.json
PVP Share on Party Share PVP Points across party members when killing (type : distribute / duplicate)
name: addon.autoloot
name: addon.holy_stone_system
config: autoloot.json
config: holy_stone_system.json
Auto Loot + Chipwar Restriction
Magnet only work for non boss, possible set require item like jade or free for premium account, possible set blocked items to not auto looted.
During Chipwar you can disable exp / drop / pt gain, rules set by level range, ex : lvl 30~65
name: addon.chat_system_ex
config: chat_system_ex.json
ChatSystemEx / Broadcast
Send Notice to ALL Races, Same Race, or Same Map with cost of item.
Possible to customize color of chats at client side.
name: addon.guard_tower_ex
config: guard_tower_ex.json
extra: guard_license_records.csv
GuardTowerEx Restricting the deployment of Guard Towers to require an item (license).
name: addon.player.effect
config: player_effect.json
extra: player_effect_records.csv
Player Effect Display aura from items placed in the inventory, such as those from Booty/Resource items. (Typically aura only appear when equipped)
name: addon.player_statistics
config: player_statistics.json
extra: stat_monster_records.csv
extra: stat_dungeon_records.csv
extra: stat_box_records.csv
extra: stat_enchant_records.csv
extra: stat_potion_records.csv
Player Statistics
Implement a ranking system in the game where the top-ranked player (1st) daily/weekly/monthly can receive 1 special effect from a Resource Effect.
*require module : Player Effect for showing aura for 1st place. PotionEx for record based on potion usage.
name: addon.npcbuffer
config: npcbuffer.json
NPC Buffer Implement a button to obtain buff skills, force skills, or class skills from NPC, with the possibility of costing money.
name: addon.asset_encryption
config: asset_encryption.json
Asset Encryption Encrypt client files : .edf, .bsp, .ebp, .msh, .spr
name: addon.season_pass
config: season_pass.json
extra: season_pass_records.csv
Battle Pass
There is 2 type Silver (free) and Golden (paid), each Level possible to have various exp.
Exp obtained from capsule / purchase using cash points. Max Level = 880
name: fix.unmanned_trader
config: unmanned_trader.json
Unmanned Trader / UTS Allow buying and selling using the cash points, and configure the tax percentage for the cost of cash points for all races.
name: addon.static_boss_respawn
config: static_boss_respawn.json
Static Boss Respawn Schedule Implement a static schedule for respawning, for example, setting the Boss to spawn every 15 minutes.
name: addon.full_drop
config: full_drop.json
extra: full_drop_items.csv
Full Drop
When a player is killed, there is a possibility for items from their inventory/equipment to drop.
Possible to configure a percentage chance for each item to drop, with the option to add protected items and map restrictions.
name: addon.trunk_transfer
config: trunk_transfer.json
Trunk Transfer Allow players to switch races for an item at the bank, with a cost in cash points.
name: addon.unit_buy
UnitPartsEx Enable the purchase of MAU parts using gold, CPT, PVP points, processing points, hunting points, or gold points.
name: addon.attack_system
config: attack_system.json
extra: unit_head_records.csv
extra: unit_upper_records.csv
extra: unit_lower_records.csv
extra: unit_arms_records.csv
extra: unit_back_records.csv
Attack System Allow adjustment of formulas for attack, defense, accuracy, and MAU.
name: addon.equip_durability
config: equip_durability.json
extra: repair_records.csv
Equip Durability
Equipments can have durability like siege kits; when the durability is empty, the equipments effectiveness will be reduced.
*require module : Attack System
name: addon.automine_personal_battery
config: automine_personal_battery.json
Automine Battery
Pricing : 10% of sales battery / month.
Allow setting the mining rate for each battery, for example, x2, x10, x500, on multiple batteries.
name: fix.automine_personal
config: automine_personal.json
UMT Attacked Notification Send a notification when the UMT is attacked.
name: addon.bonus_start
config: bonus_start.json
New Character Starter Allow setting the starting level, money, and gold for new characters.
name: addon.char_race_create_restriction
config: char_race_create_restriction.json
Race Restriction Allow restricting the race when creating a new character.
name: addon.chat_log
config: chat_log.json
Chat Logs Implement logging for all chats.
name: fix.npc_data
config: checksum.json
FIX Checksum Logging incosisstent checksum and ability to bypass without error character selection.
name: system.client_memory_patch
config: client_memory_patch.json
Client Memory Patch Allow customizing values using an offset for RF_Online.bin
name: fix.create_player
config: create_player.json
FIX Character Name Implement the ability to block/allow character names using regular expressions (regex).
name: fix.delete_player
config: delete_player.json
Restrict Delete Character Restrict character deletion for characters within a certain level range.
name: addon.effect_ex
config: effect_ex.json
FIX Skill Related Config regarding master skill & buff/debuff extended.
name: addon.enchant_chance
config: enchant_chance.json
extra: addon.enchant_chance.value.json
Upgrade Rate & Failed Notification Configure upgrade success, failure, and destruction rates. Notify all races of upgrade failure and destroy.
config: exchange.json
Convert Money & Gold Configure the ability to enable/disable converting money and gold at the Bank NPC.
name: addon.fake_online
config: fake_online.json
Fake online status Allow setting an increase in fake account/bell/cora online count.
name: fix.attack_system
config: fix.attack_system.json
FIX Attack Related Configure fixes for anti-stun, position, radius, and gesture.
name: fix.player.chat_system
config: fix.chat_system.json
FIX All Chat Rules Fixed /all chat require level and cost money.
name: fix.player.unit
config: fix.player.unit.json
Invisible MAU Configure to remove the invisible state after unride MAU
name: fix.player.view_invisible
config: fix.player.view_invisible.json
FIX Auto Kick Cheat Eagle Auto-kick characters if they use eagle eye (view invisible) without the appropriate charm/buff.
name: addon.gm_commands
config: gm_commands.json
GM Commands Restriction Restrict Commands based on grade & subgrade.
name: fix.guild
config: guild.json
Guild Room Config Configure the requirements and cost for guild room creation.
name: addon.guild_battle_suggest
config: guild_battle_suggest.json
Guild Battle Requirement (?) Configure the grade requirements for guild battles.
name: system.hardware_tracking
config: hardware_tracking.json
extra: hardware_blocked.json
HWID Track & Block Implement HWID logging per character and the ability to block certain HWID.
name: addon.manual_remove_effect
config: manual_remove_effect.json
Right Click Remove Buff / OD Make it possible to remove buff/OD by right-clicking the icon, configure which buffs/ODs are blocked from removal, and require a minimum level for buff removal.
name: addon.map_start
config: map_start.json
Character Starting Map Allow setting a different starting map & coordinate for characters.
name: addon.mau_exp
config: mau_exp.json
MAU Gain Exp Allow setting the ability to gain experience while riding a MAU, with a configurable coefficient for experience gain.
name: fix.player.mining_ore
config: mining_ore.json
FIX Ore Mining Cheat Fixed Ore+4 mining cheat.
name: addon.monster_ex
config: monster_ex.json
MonsterEx Allow setting monsters to use destruction runes and limit certain weapons that can be used to kill them.
name: addon.monster_notification
config: monster_notification.json
Monster Notification
Implement notifications for monster spawns and kills.
*require module : MonsterEx
name: addon.multi_window
config: multi_window.json
Client Count Check Limit the number of clients running per device, with special rules for premium users, and configure restrictions for virtual devices.
name: addon.player.self_destruction
config: player.self_destruction.json
DestructionEx Additional configuration rule for the destruction rune.
name: addon.player_enter_debuff
config: player_enter_debuff.json
Entering Game Restriction Restrict ability to pick / drop / trade after entering the game for certain seconds.
name: addon.player_notification
config: player_notification.json
Entering Game Notification Send a notification when a character enters the game, typically set for GM Grade 2.
name: addon.radius
config: radius.json
Radius Information Display a radius (circle) for towers, when a player uses a destruction rune, and when a monster uses destruction.
name: addon.radius_drop_loot
config: radius_drop_loot.json
Drop Radius Allow setting the scatter radius for drops looted from Pitbosses or all monsters.
name: addon.rebirth
config: rebirth.json
extra: pvp_potion.json
Go to level X by consuming a capsule and receive a reward of items.
*require module : PotionEx
name: addon.replace_loot_name
config: replace_loot_name.json
Replace Drop Name Replace item name (looting) on the ground.
name: fix.resource_serise
config: resource_serise.json
ResourceEx Resource effects to include equipment effects, and new mode for ItemSerise.
name: addon.server_memory_patch
config: server_memory_patch.json
Server Memory Patch Allow customizing values using an offset for ZoneServer
name: addon.item_sockets
config: socket_items.json
extra: socket_gem_records.csv
extra: socket_gem_set_eff_records.csv
extra: socket_gem_upgrade_records.csv
extra: socket_item_records.csv
Equipments Socketing Allow attaching gems into new sockets on equipment.
name: addon.stone_hp
config: stone_hp.json
Global Chip HP Display Chip HP globally with a level requirement.
name: addon.time_item_looting
config: time_item_looting.json
extra: time_item_looting_records.csv
Time ItemLooting Replace the existing monster item looting with a configurable schedule of day, hour, and minute range.
name: addon.transmog
config: transmog.json
extra: transmog_records.csv
Transmogrification Implement an easy way to change equipment skins with costs in items, money, gold, CPT, PVP points, processing points, hunting points, gold points, or cash points.
config: vote.json
Council Voting & Registration Requirement
Configure requirements and costs for registration and voting
Implementing a new type of voting.
name: addon.votesystemcontrol
config: votesystemcontrol.json
Council Voting & Registration Schedule Allow changing the schedule of registration and voting.
name: addon.auto_bonus
config: auto_bonus.json
Disabled Keep it disabled.
name: addon.cut_pvp_cash_bonus
config: cut_pvp_cash_bonus.json
Disabed Keep it disabled.