Pricing List

• The prices below are to be paid monthly.
• First month for testing until D-1 OBT only paid half price, start from OBT you must paid full price (license time gonna be extended).
Module Name Short Description
Base Modules
All default fixes and free modules are included.
Discord Integration Display the playing status on Discord using Rich Presence.
Item Sell Limit Restrict purchase of items to race leaders, council members, premium users, those who must have item X in their inventory, etc.
Loot Exchange When picking up item, automatically convert it into points, such as money, gold, cpt, pvp points, processing points, hunting points, or gold points.
Loot Race Implement a timer delay before players are allowed to pick up items from monsters. This functionality is similar to EventSet.
PotionEx Potion module, ex : cash capsule, premium capsule, call race, call guild, spawn monster, etc.
PVP Share on Party Share PVP Points across party members when killing (type : distribute / duplicate)
Auto Loot + Chipwar Restriction
Magnet only work for non boss, possible set require item like jade or free for premium account, possible set blocked items to not auto looted.
During Chipwar you can disable exp / drop / pt gain, rules set by level range, ex : lvl 30~65
ChatSystemEx / Broadcast
Send Notice to ALL Races, Same Race, or Same Map with cost of item.
Possible to customize color of chats at client side.
GuardTowerEx Restricting the deployment of Guard Towers to require an item (license).
Player Effect Display aura from items placed in the inventory, such as those from Booty/Resource items. (Typically aura only appear when equipped)
Player Statistics
Implement a ranking system in the game where the top-ranked player (1st) daily/weekly/monthly can receive 1 special effect from a Resource Effect.
*require module : Player Effect for showing aura for 1st place. PotionEx for record based on potion usage.
NPC Buffer Implement a button to obtain buff skills, force skills, or class skills from NPC, with the possibility of costing money.
Asset Encryption Encrypt client files : .edf, .bsp, .ebp, .msh, .spr
Battle Pass
There is 2 type Silver (free) and Golden (paid), each Level possible to have various exp.
Exp obtained from capsule / purchase using cash points. Max Level = 880
Unmanned Trader / UTS Allow buying and selling using the cash points, and configure the tax percentage for the cost of cash points for all races.
Static Boss Respawn Schedule Implement a static schedule for respawning, for example, setting the Boss to spawn every 15 minutes.
Full Drop
When a player is killed, there is a possibility for items from their inventory/equipment to drop.
Possible to configure a percentage chance for each item to drop, with the option to add protected items and map restrictions.
Trunk Transfer Allow players to switch races for an item at the bank, with a cost in cash points.
UnitPartsEx Enable the purchase of MAU parts using gold, CPT, PVP points, processing points, hunting points, or gold points.
Attack System Allow adjustment of formulas for attack, defense, accuracy, and MAU.
Equip Durability
Equipments can have durability like siege kits; when the durability is empty, the equipments effectiveness will be reduced.
*require module : Attack System
Automine Battery
Pricing : 10% of sales battery / month.
Allow setting the mining rate for each battery, for example, x2, x10, x500, on multiple batteries.